Web Ordering

  1. Go to www.bloodworthwholesale.com in your browser and click on Customer Login.  On the rare occasion of technical difficulties, you may have to use Alternate Customer Login.
  2. Bloodworth online ordering login page will display.
  3. Use your customer number or username as your user ID. Your password will be one you have chosen and a staff member has activated during the application process.  Passwords are case sensitive and can be 1-10 characters in length using letters and/or numbers.
  4. Enter your user ID and password and click login.

-On the MAIN MENU, click on “work with orders”

  1. Your current web orders (if you have placed an order today) will be displayed.
  2. To change a current order, click on the change button next to the order. Orders that have not been processed can be changed until 4:45 pm eastern.  Items can be added to web orders if you call in between 4:45 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. for same day shipments.  Orders entered after 4:45 pm EASTERN will be processed the NEXT business day.
  3. To create a new order, click the new order button.
  4. The order entry screen is divided in half. The top part of the screen lets you key item numbers and quantities or you may search for items by description or brand name.
  5. The bottom part of the screen displays what is currently ordered. If your item does not appear on the bottom half of the screen it is not ordered.
  6. The search screen displays the item information and your prices. Also our quantity on hand is displayed. You can order more than is on hand but your order will be shorted.
  7. To order from the search screen, type the quantity desired next to each item and click the update button at the bottom or the top of the search screen. Once update has been clicked the items will appear in the current order at the bottom of the screen.
  8. To change or delete a line item on your order, click the change button beside the line item to be changed.
  9. The change order line item screen is displayed. You can change the quantity or delete this line item off of your order.
  10. There is not an option to “submit” or “transmit” your order.  BWD automatically retrieves and processes your order at 4:45 p.m.  The confirmation number displayed indicates that we have received your current order.  
  11. Order minimums are as follows: $100.00 min for ALL orders to be shipped GROUND on the same day.  $200.00 min for NEXT DAY AIR service (GA, FL & AL ONLY). All other states require $300.00 minimum for NEXT DAY AIR.
  12. Controlled versus non controlled must equal no more than 20% of the item count.
    1. Orders that are not enough to satisfy our requirements of monetary total listed above will not ship unless you call in and make arrangements to pay freight charges.
    2. Orders that exceed the controlled limit will not ship, regardless of value.